Author Michael Jeffreys, Rhonda Byrne and many more actually interviewed top motivational gurus for their promising books. With their divine and absolute thoughts, they refined secrets to success with their mutual agreement. Crux of all here I have 8 never give up Points for everyone. These are still great today and are as follow.

  1. Assume 100% Liability for Your Life – In our society where individuals accuse everything from their guardians to the government for disappointment, the individuals who don’t get tied up with this mindset or succumb to the “victim” thinking succeed. To blame something or someone for your failure or disappointment is the statement to satisfy your inner self that they are controlling your life. Others opinion is not your reality. Its only “You” who creates your world.
  2. Carry on with Your Life On Purpose – What differentiates motivational thinkers from the unsuccessful is that they accept they’re doing what they were put here to do. The distinction in the middle of this and just living is that the last is simply traversing the week with the minimum issues. Yet when you carry on with your life intentionally, your primary concern is doing the job right. For the entrepreneur or business visionary this implies discovering a reason you put believe in and building your business around it.
  3. Be Willing to Pay the Price – Be ready to pay the cost for your fantasies. Needing a huge house, a luxury care, and a million dollars in the bank is all exceptionally pleasant, and everybody needs these things – yet would you say you are ready to pay the cost to get them? This is one of the real and major contrasts between the effective and unsuccessful.
  4. Stay tuned with your focus – When we start a day, we are consistently bombarded with long to do list, telephone calls, messages and everyone competing for our time. Focusing obliges surrendering something in the present in light of the fact that you are putting your time in something that will pay off big-time down the road.
    Jack Canfield and Imprint Hanson were turned by 30 distributers when they submitted the first “Chicken Soup for the Spirit” book. Instead of giving up, they stayed concentrated on their objective and did four or five meetings every day for radio, television, and daily papers, for five days each week for an entire year. Inevitably, a small publisher chooses to take a risk, and obviously now it’s a blockbuster that produced a whole arrangement that have sold more than 10 million copies.
  5. Be A Master in Your Field:

    One striking variable for all effective individuals have in like manner is the way genuinely they take their calling.
    They strive to be the best at what they do, and do practically anything to move forward.

    On the off chance that somebody pursued you around throughout the day with a video camera at your business, would it be a tape you’d be proud for or feel embarrassed about? Settle on the choice today to work at the very most in your field. How? By discovering what the “best” in your field are doing, and do what they do.

  6. Work Out a Plan for Attaining Your Objectives -

    Work out an action plan or road map for how you’re going to attain your objectives. Attempting to achieve your objectives without an arrangement is similar to attempting to drive from Los Angeles to Chicago without a guide. An objective that isn’t composed down is simply a wish or fantasy.

  7. Never Give Up! – Never, Ever, Ever, give up. When you’re completely dedicated to accomplishing your objective, surrendering is impossible. You must be ready do whatever it takes to get it going. The force of diligence is a marvelous energy. As somebody once said, “Inch by inch it’s a cinch, yard by yard it is hard!” Or, my favorite, “Inch by inch, it’s a cinch, mile by mile it’s a trial. Think about the humble inchworm – on the off chance that it considered the length of the excursion through and through before it began, it likely would never move. To a worm’s point-of-view, the garden path must look like a trip to Mars. Never Give Up! Continue going on, soon you will be the ultimate achiever.
  8. Don’t Delay – Nobody knows how much time they have left to accomplish their dreams, and we must remember that we don’t have forever. The clock is ticking, and sooner or later your number comes up and you’re gone. Successful achievers know this too, but they don’t view it as a “negative”. Achievers use it to “spur them on”. They go after what they want as energetically and as passionately as possible, for as long as they have.

Friend of mine use to say, “Today is a Cheque – Cash It! Yesterday is an I.O.U. – forget it! Tomorrow is a Promissory Note, don’t bank on it!” As per my understanding it’s a pretty good summation of life.